UN Sustainable Development Goal 11


Sustainability in the construction industry has quickly become a competitive parameter and fortunately, the level of ambition and sustainability requirements are continuously raised from both builders, customers and from society as a whole. From the 1.th of January 2023, climate requirements will be introduced to the building regulations to reduce CO2 emissions from construction. At DiKon, we want to support sustainable construction by developing and contributing to the digital basis for the value-creating sustainability processes of the member companies and the Danish construction industry.

DiKon LCA Supplement Guide Guidelines for Purpose Descriptions regarding LCA analyses in DiKon's supplement.

We support

Sustainable construction

DiKon has developed the LCA guide, which relates to YBL2018 “9.33 Sustainability, Single Services” in connection with the preparation of Life Cycle Assessments (LCA). The guide sets out principles for defining part of the necessary information that must be present in a project in order to perform LCA analyses during the design and execution phase.

Kristian introduces

DiKon LCA Supplement Guide

In order to reduce CO2 emissions from construction, we have produced two films that describe the LCA guidance itself and guide you through how you can work with model-based information for the sustainability analyses.


Sustainable cities
and communities

UN Sustainable Development Goal 11

UN Sustainable Development Goal 11 underlines the importance of working purposefully to develop sustainable cities and inhabited areas: “Making cities, communities and settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”. By contributing to the digital construction industry, it is hoped that this can push for the UN’s sub-goal 11.3: “By 2030, make urban development more inclusive and sustainable, and strengthen the capacity for inclusive, integrated and sustainable housing planning and management in all countries”.