DiKon - Digital Convergence

We are an industry community

DiKon – Digital Convergence is an industry community across eight different companies in the Danish construction industry, whose mission is to develop and contribute to the digital basis for value-creating processes in the industry.

DiKon consists of the following companies:

The industry community thus forms the basis for collaboration across member companies, which is crucial for developing, testing and anchoring new digital standards in an industry in rapid development.
A wide range of different organisations

In a value-creating community

DiKon’s members represent a wide range of different types of organisations from both construction and infrastructure, which gives the collaboration the necessary knowledge and knowhow it requires to develop generic digital standards that can be applied across the industries. Common to all DiKon’s publications is that they are deliberately developed based on open standards and former publications from MOLIO and BuildingSmart amongst others.
DiKon is a transparent organization

Openness as a catalyst

We believe that openness is what drives the digital construction industry forward. Therefore, DiKon wants to be a transparent organization, which means that all member companies have committed to sharing results, experiences and solutions in connection with the development of publications and tools.