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DiKon Infrastructure

Digitalization is in bloom in the infrastructure industry which has mobilized a need for digital standards as we know them from the construction industry. Therefore, DiKon has developed new infrastructure versions of the known building part- and delivery specifications. The ambition is to extend the value-creation to the infrastructure industry that DiKon’s well-known tools have given the construction industry. Below you will find all DiKon’s publications within the construction segment.
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DiKon Infrastructure

Jesper Dyhre Pedersen

BIM Manager, Senior Specialist COWI

5239 7102

Lars Beck Christoffersen

Engineer, Transport Infrastructure COWI

5640 8478

Casper Hertz Nielsen

Proces – og innovationsleder NCC

4170 4186

Kim Gersvang

Proces- og innovationsleder NCC

4170 4382

Jeppe Bæklund

BIM Manager Rambøll

5161 1860

Hassan Mohamad

VDC Group Manager Aarsleff

2490 0619

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DiKon Construction

It is important to spread digital standards so that the same digital language is spoken when collaborating in the construction industry. This gives the parties involved the same approach in regards to how we develop projects. Below you will find all DiKon’s publications within the construction segment
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DiKon Construction

Kim Rytter Jensen

BIM Kompetenceleder Arkitema Architects

9133 8792

Jacob Güldner

Lead VDC Manager NCC

4170 4198

Martin Blaaberg

Department BIM Manager COWI

4176 0615

Kristian Mouridsen

Lead VDC Manager NCC

4170 4775

Mads Harbo Lauritzen

BIM Manager COWI

2085 8292

Anders Hejnfelt

Fagchef Konstruktioner og BIM/IKT Sweco

5372 1129

Frederik Bæk

BIM-manager Sweco Architects

3168 4392

Christian Østen Rasmussen

VDC Group Manager Aarsleff

4023 3099

Mads Carlsen

Chef for Digital Innovation Sweco

7024 1030

Mette Mikkelsen

VDC Team Manager Aarsleff

4044 2561

Troels Hoff

Senior Specialist Manager, Fagchef BIM & IKT Rambøll

5161 6598

Mikkel Brodersen

BIM Manager Rambøll

5161 5471

Below you will find the group of directors within DiKon - Digital Convergens

Group of Directors

DiKon – Digital Convergence is an industry association across six different companies in the Danish construction and infrastructure industry, whose mission is to develop and contribute to the digital basis for value-creating processes in the industry.
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Group of Directors

Àstridur Elin Àsgeirsdottir

VDC Development Manager Aarsleff

2916 0997

Morten Alsdorf

Corporate Digital Director COWI

9137 3936

Thomas Kveiborg

Produktionsdirektør / COO Arkitema Architects

2633 1260

Marlene Haugaard

Senior Vice President, Building – Engineering & Business Support NCC Danmark

4170 4664

Ronni Holm Dam

Direktør Buildings, Large Projects Rambøll

5161 6119

Mads Carlsen

Chef for Digital Innovation Sweco

7024 1030

Niels Treldal

Digital Development Director COWI

5640 4580

Below you will find contact info regarding

Project Management & Communications

If you have any questions regarding DiKon, you are welcome to contact Project Manager, Erik Arnbak or Communications and Press Officer, Mark Sørensen.
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Project Management & Communications​

Mark Sørensen

Kommunikations- og presseansvarlig

2753 9466

Erik Arnbak


2631 0202