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It is important to spread digital standards so that the same digital language is spoken when collaborating in the construction industry. This gives the parties involved the same approach in regards to how we develop projects. Below you will find all DiKon’s publications within the construction segment

Case: Postgaarden

Postgaarden - Det Tegningsløse Projekt (The Virtual Project)

How do we ensure that we build as we have built virtually? According to VDC Group Manager at Per Aarsleff A/S and DiKon member Nikolaj Finnäs Dehn, the solution is to quit the drawings and liberalize the BIM model.

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DiKon Construction

Member Organisations

DiKon Construction is a collaboration across six significant organisations in the Danish construction industry – all of whom share the mission of developing and contributing to the digital basis for value-creating processes for the good of the member organisations and the Danish construction industry as a whole.

Publications from DiKon Construction

DiKon Supplement v.2.0 Vejledning til Formålsbeskrivelser vedr. LCA-analyser i DiKons supplement.
Leverancespecifikation for bygningsmodeller_DK (excel) Vejledning til Formålsbeskrivelser vedr. LCA-analyser i DiKons supplement.
DiKon LCA-vejledning til supplement
Specification of Building Parts – for 3D models based on point clouds (Scan to BIM)
Scan to BIM – Project Specific Buildingpart_docx